Our mission is to be obedient to the divine calling with the love of these hopeless children in the society.
Life is more than food and shelter. They need to be accepted. They are endowed with lots of talents which education can fully bring to fore and made them a blessing to their society even their generation.
We have testimonies in this regard over the years.


Trumpet of Life Ministries was set up to fulfil the call of God to His servant Rev’d Mrs. Ayoola to reach out, in love to needy children and troublesome youths. This assignment had been noticed by Mrs. Ayoola since 1982 but since “the vision is for an appointed time”, she had to wait until 1996 when she received instruction from the Lord to go to Ile-Ife and set up a house for needy children; i.e orphans, the abandoned, motherless, destitute children. The second part of the call is youth rehabilitation and youth mentoring.